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The following are PollyWeb Ballots, a Pollyweb Ballot is a reflection of the current Bills & Amendments before federal parliament in Australia. If an issue is important to you then vote on a PollyWeb Vallot to have your say on the issue heard. The outcomes from each ballot will be presented to parliament for consideration allowing them to see the “peoples voice” and without the 160million cost to run a plebiscite. Pollyweb Ballots can be considered simple referendums on each and every issue before parliament. Click the “next posts” button to see more, or click on “vote now” in the top menu.

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Vote Now on These Open Sociopolitical Polls

Be Counted, All The Time, Not Just Election Time!

The following are PollyWeb Social Polls. These social polls are to help guide future policy development and determine the socio-political direction of the country on all levels of politics. Humanitarian issues, social and cultural issues, welfare an justice etc. The Pollyweb frames the question in a non-partisan way as not to “lead” the result as with other “survey/poll/petition” sites. The concept is to gain an accurate reflection of the consensus across the nation on issues that affect society, though are yet to be tabled as a registered political issue(Bill or Amendment) in parliament.

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How to Vote?

How to cast a Vote?

Step 1

Click Vote Now in the Menu at the top of page.

Step 2


Choose the Ballot you are interested in voting on. You can search for the Bill or Amendment title if you know it.

This will open the Ballot page and all the information that PollyWeb has collated relating to the Bill or Amendment in question will be available for you to use to help make an informed and confident vote. Some information will be provided by users through the comments section.

Step 3


Cast you vote on the Ballot.

We have tried to keep the process for conducting a vote as simple as possible. You just need to choose YES, NO or ABSTAIN then click “SUBMIT”.
You can also adjust you vote until the ballot closes via your “submissions” tab in your “profile”.

Step 4 (optional)


 (Optional) If you wish you can add more information to your vote. The more detailed the responses from the people the more impact the outcomes will have when presented in parliament.


Step 5 (optional)


(Optional) Add suggestions to how this policy could be improved. These suggestions will help develop and shape future policy and will be presented to parliament through thesubmissions

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